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Super Trashed Fashion: TEE K.O.

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A few months back the TrashedFam got together to play Jackbox with one goal in mind: MAKE MERCH!

We've dabbled with apparel with koozies, coasters, and a few custom costumes at Drunkathlon. A few trickles here and there, we have yet to go full force with the drip.

As with Jackbox, and with us, things quickly got out of control. While we probably won't rock everything we created from that stream, we wanted you to get a chance to check (and possibly buy) some of the most ridiculous tees on land and the seven seas here and here.

As you can tell, woah buddy. Can't believe Jackbox allowed us to do this. 

Our TrashedFam bought a few of the shirts. As you can see, there's some haute, hot lewks.

a man in a blue shirtHere we have Jesse, representing for his country and his Lord (/s), with this blue "And Then There Was One Set of Foot Prints" number complete with an ominous gun. Oo-la-la!

a man and a woman standing in a roomSeamus went with the minimalistic couture, saying sleek, loud and proud, "I AM NOT GOOD AT VIDEO GAMES!" You go, boy!

a man holding a wii remote in his handAnd finally, we have Jacob, sporting a fashionable tee-shirt featuring an alien in scrapper turning a tight one saying adorned with the words "4 V 4 makes my **** hard".

"4 V 4" is deep Trashed lore. The long and short of it is that during one of our Dromedary Urban Tiki Bar shows, some silly person wrote graffiti in the bathroom stating, "4 V 4 + Items is Not How a Smash Tourney Works!" Bold. And wrong. We've gotten a lot of juice out of that salty sourpuss. It's the perfect counterbalance to our whole steaze.

Super Trashed is E-SPORTS GONE MILD, BABY! Having fun while playing video games is what it's all about. Competition is fierce but we encourage people to be more fierce: vivacious, adventurous. Take the night, just don't hurt anyone! The only things that we want bruised at Super Trashed are gamer egos.

Maybe Jacob's shirt is a little much—foul mouth, nonsensical and phallic-focused. But, the beauty of the all, and what people hopefully take from it, is that "4 V 4 with Items" can inspire an arousal of the soul.

Grab a drink, grab a controller, and have as much fun as an extraterrestrial being hella extra!