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October 4. Doubles Night Smash Wednesday @ Brews Brothers (LA)

One part nerd, one part slurred, Super Trashed brings together comedy, video games and alcohol at a super rad bar in North Hollywood (Los Angeles). Join your hosts - Dan Robitzski, Jesse Baldridge, and OJ Patterson - as everyone virtually battle amongst themselves while physically battling inebriation and distractions. Audience participation is essential as a live crowd suggest new rules and new gags.This show is a casual “e-sports gone mild” tournament. Drinking jaRules apply! If you lose a stock, you'll take a sip of your beverage. If you lose a stock on accident, take two sips. If you lose a stock via a Final Smash, take three sips. The winner will get $25 of their tab covered.

Our competitors tend to skew towards beginners and moderate players but there’s no skill required to play. We aim to be a fun night for everyone, to keep the party in party game.

Tournament Format: Special Doubles Edition! A series of two-stock 2v2 doubles matches to determine a winners and losers brackets. Subsequent 2v2 battles with two loses to be eliminated. Items on (low), including everything except maxim tomato, heart container, fairy bottle, super star, hammer/golden hammer, gust bellows, special flag, boss galaga and lightning. Team attack on. Duos encouraged and will be paired together. Attendees entering tournament solo will be paired with teammate at random.

Also, if you're not good at video games, you can still win an #Amiibo (the GoodsportsMiibo) for people who cheer the loudest, jeer the funniest, support others, and have the best time.

Who: Dan Robitzski, Jesse Baldridge, and OJ Patterson
Where: 5140 Lankershim Blvd, North Hollywood, CA 91601
When: Wednesday October 4, 2023, 7:00 sign ups, 7:30pm start. Show Up Early to pair your controller and play some friendlies.
Cost: Free, no entry fee
Age: 21+

mapa group of people sitting at a table in a restauranta group of people sitting at a table in a restaurant

Art by Eva Grello. Photos by Lindsey Dier